Dream Girls Drag Show April 27 2018

Straight out of Atlanta these Dream Girls are sure to blow your minds with illusion, comedy and performances! Don’t miss your chance to party with them in the coming weeks! Purchase your tickets below. You will not receive tickets. Your name and number of seats will be added to our roster so you can just check in at the door! #dragshow #femaleimpersonation #thepapermilllounge #sylva #discoverjacksonnc


Magician Zeke Powerz! Master of Mystery Entertainment

Zeke Powerz known as “The Esoteric Magician” is a multiple award winning mystery entertainer. Over the past 20 years he has traveling extensively throughout the United States investigating, lecturing and performing all things related to the paranormal. He has appeared on radio stations, television programs, podcasts and has been featured in newspaper articles nationwide. He had presented mysteries that have perplexed countless individuals of all walks of life. Create something truly magical and memorable! Zeke is multi-talented in the Esoteric realms of Intuition, Symbolism, Hypnosis, Alchemy, and Magic. His brand of entertainment picks up where Rod Serling’s Twilight Zone left off as his magical performances blur the line between science and superstition! His Intuitive readings are so accurate, you will be shocked and your guests stunned! He brings a different Vibe and along with his positive energy he will make your event remarkable.


Private Event!